We’ll be back soon!

Nov. 30, 2015

Due to the catastrophic hardware failures at our host's datacenter, the MidwestPX.com online store as it was has been determined to be unsalvageable.

While the database is intact and unaffected, we no longer have a store that can utilize it. It could be rebuilt however by the time it was done, we would have spent more time trying to recreate the old than it would take to deploy something newer and better.

While these events are both disappointing and frustrating for all parties involved (including you, our customer), this is not the end.

We will rebuild.

A new online store is being developed and will be deployed as soon as possible. Some of the work has already been done as we were considering an upgrade anyway so we thankfully are not starting from scratch.

If you would like to be notified of when the new store is available, please enter your email address below and we will contact you as soon as the new store is live. And of course, as with all personal information collected, we will never sell, trade, or otherwise monetize your information.

Thank you for your patronage and for visiting. As always, we are available via email at info@midwestpx.com or by phone at 815.246.2715

— Ty